Creative photographer Augie Stark grew up in small town Wisconsin. Early in life he traveled the world extensively: enjoying cave exploring, wreck diving, motorcycles, ghost towns, exploring foreign countries, rafting white water, visiting battlefields and historic sites and loving photography. 

He learned B&W from his father in the 1950’s and 60’s. Now as a Senior Citizen he’s had to curb back on some of his early loves. But the love of Adventure still burns brightly within.

Augie’s photography now turns to people who love doing what they do; such as an amazing man who works with iron, he uses earth, fire and water and crafts them into beautiful works of art. Augie’s use of the term ‘Fun Shop’ signifies where a man and his wife have created a ‘little spot of heaven’ where the atmosphere always breathes 1939.

The ‘road less traveled…’ still calls to Augie and his wife Nancy. Back roads all over the United States are explored and precious people are found doing what they love to do.

Augie and Nancy Stark